The South Carolina Quantum Computing Innovation Center™

An AURA Technologies Center of Excellence

Creating your Quantum Future™

The Quantum Computing Innovation Center™
(QCIC: pronounced “Quick”) is an AURA Technologies Center of Excellence focused on real world applications of quantum computers.

Enabling Revolutions.

The goal of QCIC is to enable revolutions in multiple commercial and government sectors. The Center, at heart, is a collaboration of commercial, academic, and government organizations working towards the full and rapid integration of quantum computing as the technology matures in the coming years.

Quantum computing offers a significant advantage by increasing the complexity and scale of calculations that help support our warfighters in carrying out their missions.

In logistics and transportation, optimization problems must be solved in real time and on scales that require quantum computing to successfully handle.

The business of a financial institution must perform a vast number of optimizations daily, problems solved by the flexibility, power, and speed that the Quantum Trifecta™ offers.

By collecting a wealth of data and analyzing it using cutting-edge algorithms powered by quantum resources, the retail sector will be able to elevate their “business intelligence” to a whole new level.

Our Center

The Center is focusing on key segments where near- and mid-term advances can be made as more advanced Quantum Computing resources become available.

The Quantum Trifecta™

The concept of the Quantum Trifecta™ is key to all of the work at QCIC. The concept is the integration of three complementary methodologies: Human Insight, AI/ML, and Quantum Computing Backend. Maintaining the human-in-the-loop is needed to mitigate the risk of developing biased models and to improve algorithmic accountability and interpretability.

Human Insight

For strategic goal-setting and encoding heuristic knowledge.


For flexible data aggregation and model building.

Quantum Computer Backend

The “big brain” for mathematical computations that are impossible to perform otherwise.

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